Due to the popular nature of the beast, here it is:  THE BEST recipe EVER:

  1. -3 to 5 lbs of a Beef Chuck Roast.  THIS IS KEY, the other cuts do not work as good.  You want the cut to be marbled, not to much fat, but enough.

  2. -2 cups (16oz of Dr. Pepper) Get the real, fully leaded - NO diet.  You can drink diet DP with it but don’t cook with it

  3. -1 packet of a dry onion soup mix, I prefer Knorrs but when I can’t get it - Lipton Beefy Onion is the next best.

  4. -2 cans of Cream of Mushroom

  5. -1 can of Cream of Potato

  6. -You need to have Tony Cachere’s

The Tony’s is one of the key ingredients:

Here is what you do:

Put a light dusting of Tony’s in the bottom of the crock pot, get the roast and put it in first.  After it is in dust the top of the roast with Tony’s.

  1. -Then I usually poke it with a knife a couple times or a fork.

  2. -After the dusting and poking, I put the dry onion soup mix right on the roast.

  3. -Then put one can of cream of mushroom on top of the roast and dry onion soup mix.

  4. -Add the other 2 cans of cream soup.

  5. -Add the 16 oz of Dr. Pepper.

  6. -Cover and cook on HIGH for 6 hours.

My crock pot will go to “WARM” after the cook time.  Eat when you are ready.

The roast cooks in the gravy, put it on your potato’s or rice or what ever you want.  It is that awesome!